International Support Group

Who we are
ISG is a multinational network organisation of experienced facilitators for social innovation, multi stakeholder learning and cooperation.
Our experience includes, among others sustainability and community development, (disaster) risk reduction and agro-ecosystems management. In addition, our network is firmly rooted in a diversity of countries, languages and cultures and has operated in most continents. This allows us to be sensitive to context-specific priorities and global challenges.

Our mission
As professionals, we aim to enable multi-stakeholder networks to engage in participatory processes and actively drive their own change. Central to this is co-innovation. Through different methods we create linkages between (public and private) actors to share and develop knowledge, experience and expertise. The added value of ISG: learn and exchange - towards a common methodological framework, create a pool of knowledge, we link local expertise to global challenges ‘in all directions’ (south-south, south-north, north-north).

What we do
Our work is guided by the idea that the legitimate interests of all groups, including the vulnerable ones, should be promoted. Development and the protection of the rights of individuals and groups are closely related: one hand washes the other. We aim to enable change. We support multi-stakeholder learning and cooperation processes aimed at sustainable social and regional (community) development. Our approach is participatory and interactive. We also create links between ourselves as professionals and the stakeholders with whom we work by sharing experience and extracting lessons as we go along.  

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