Co-creating partnerships in challenging contexts. 

The International Support Group is a global network of experienced facilitators for social innovation, multi-stakeholder learning, and cooperation. We support development organizations and networks in finding solutions through negotiated action among stakeholders. We are well-known for our work in sustainability and community development, disaster risk reduction, and agro-ecosystems management. 



We bring together diverse expertise and vast experience to co-design processes with clients to build partnerships that work and actively drive change. We seek to enhance capacity of the next generation development professionals working in multi-stakeholder contexts.


We believe in co-designing processes that are responsive and adaptive to specific contexts and needs. Central to this are interdisciplinary and multi- cultural teams. This is why our network is firmly rooted in a diversity of countries, languages and cultures, operating across the globe.


ISG was formed on May 2, 1997 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce as “International Support Group: Linking Local Experience in Agroecosystem Management.”

01    1997 — 1999

ISG began its group activities supported by DANIDA, between 1997 and 1999, to explore ways to guide decentralization of agricultural extension in East Africa. This work was culminated in a workshop at the Agroforum facility in Tune, Denmark in December 2000 where most of our members participated. The results of this effort were published by DANIDA in a book titled: “Linking Local Learners: Negotiating New Development Relation sips between Village, District and Nation.”

02    1998 — 2000

In a second group effort (1998-2000), ISG members worked with the Ugandan government to build capacity for the implementation of The Ugandan National Agricultural Advisory Service (NAADS), a public sector program to support agricultural advisory services for small-scale farming operations. Several additional advisory missions were provided later by individual members as independent consultants.

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We support our members, project partners, and peers in collating existing knowledge, expertise, and experience in co-creating partnerships in challenging contexts. To make this happen, we facilitate conversations, workshops and other events aimed at learning, sharing and problem solving. 

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