Mission and vision


ISG aims to weave different methods of action research to catalyze linkages among people for improved agroecosystem management. ISG supports the development of local inter-institutional groups comprising of farmers’ organizations, NGOs and government research and extension agencies. ISG assists these groups to do South-South exchange of local experience using common methodological frameworks. Our goal is to enable joint learning, capacity building and information exchange among different stakeholders to arrive at new methods for agroecosystem management.


To enhance the capacity of local inter-institutional groups comprising farmers’ organizations, NGOs, private sector, and government research and extension agencies develop learning approaches, conduct action research, negotiate policy, and leverage financial resources for the collaborative management of agroecosystems, decentralization of government, and privatization of agriculture support services; as well as to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences among these inter-institutional groups and also with donors, and other development professionals.